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Builder.news is an information portal powered by Creatorchain.network. Creator is an innovative blockchain ecosystem that brings to the world the most essential and revolutionary blockchain services: Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, No Code Smart Contract, Low Code App and other DeFi services. All the fees collected from different services will market buy CTR then go to the DAO.

Journalistic principles

One of the most important journalistic principles on Builder.news is transparency and uniqueness. Content on the website is 100% produced by skillful and well-qualified writers. The articles are consolidated, investigated, and analyzed from different ideas to provide readers with diverse perspectives which result in thorough perceptions of crypto-related topics.

There is no political agenda on Builder.news. Regardless of different political leanings, this is a platform for writers and contributors to fairly express their thoughts and viewpoints as long as the information is valuable to the readers.

Content system

By joining Builder.news, users' journey are sketched out from scratch so that they can absorb knowledge and selectively acquire information before making decisions on any financial investments.

Crypto Insight

All questions about NFT, Play-to-earn, Web3, DeFi, and Metaverse will be addressed in this section. It is not only about general information like definitions but also the underlying messages and norms that readers witness from the communities but cannot find proper explanations for.

Project Review

Filtering content is never easy but it has been even harder when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry. While there are thousands of projects mushrooming in the market, Project Insider will inject transparency into each and every project reviewed regardless of deceptive reporting, unlabeled sponsored content, and compensated journalism. Meanwhile, readers can find themselves potential investment potentials on Gem radars where all the hot projects are listed on the market.


When old coins are exorbitantly high-priced, new tokens deployed will give traders more chances to acquire huge profits. IDO Hub on Builder.news is a collection of newly-launched projects whose IDOs are going to be broadcasted, giving readers the very first opportunity to “thicken” their wallet.


Earn on Builder.news, why not? Airdrops and Farming Tutorials provide readers with the latest news about earning events available on the market along with instructions on how to gain more and more from this fruitful field.

Builder.news message


To become a venue where blockchain builders from newcomers to connoisseurs can find all necessary resources in one single stop-shop.


Builder.news seeks to create an information portal that gives straightforward and objective content on the cryptocurrencies and blockchain industries to its visitors. By deep-diving into the platform, users can discover their own ways to acquire knowledge and implement those to gain real-life profits.